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Lisa Marks MA LMHC is a Psychotherapist and Process Work Associate.  She has provided mental health, program development and consultation services on the Olympic Peninsula since 1987.  As a consultant, coach and psychotherapist, Lisa specializes in working with education, human service and health care professionals. She believes in creating sustainable work environments and being agents of change in the workplace.

Her current focus is the sentient physical body and its relationship to the Earth and our underlying wholeness. Studies in this area include Process Oriented Psychology, Authentic Movement, Soul Motion and Ecopsychology and many spiritual and movement practices.  She has a certificate in Process Work Studies from the Process Work Institute of Portland.

Lisa divides her time between the remote woods and waters of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and the Olympic Peninsula in Washington, where she takes her movement practice to the trees and beaches.  Her passions include poetry, gardening and performing with Yesango Marimba Ensemble in Port Townsend, WA.

Lisa is available in person, over the phone and via Skype for organizational or individual consulting, coaching and sentient body sessions. For further information or to get on the mailing list contact her at the email below or call *360*385*7760*.

Lisa has been developing and teaching workshops to reconnect with the Sentient Body and is sharing this work in Washington, Oregon, New Mexico, Kansas and Michigan. Check the workshop section for current classes and feel free to contact her to bring Sentient Body trainings to your location.

"Now I know what "sentient" means... Its how you've guided me back to what my body is telling me. Its the only route to discovering my best self… and is also what gets left behind in today's world of stressors and commitments. Thank you Lisa for who you are and for being on the planet at the same time I am!" -Barb M.  

"There is such value in her (Lisa) being trained and comfortable in three languages ….. the language of intellect, of feelings and emotions, and of body expressions." -Pat P.

"My deep passion is exploring the 'Sentient Body' or the sensing internal experience of our physical bodies.  Inhabiting our bodies with profound awareness,  noticing breath and subtle sensation, we connect with the underlying realm from which our physical world arises. 

Because our culture has traditionally been afraid of the body and its connection with the Earth, we are not trained in the skills to understand and navigate this connection. Sentient Body work shares tools for connecting with these deep levels through subtle physical experiences. We integrate energies necessary for our development before they enter dreams, symptoms and relationship experiences.

I began studying Dr. Arnold Mindell’s work in 1987. Process Oriented Psychology outlined the magic I was discovering in the movement studio and the rich learning unfolding in my work as a mental health therapist and consultant. He and Dr. Amy Mindell bring cutting edge ideas from the deeper dreaming into the global field of psychology.  They have been inspirations and support for developing the Sentient Body material and taking it into the world. To explore sentient awareness before the Mindell’s work included the essence level, I turned to Authentic Movement, studying and practicing with an amazing community of women who helped me understand Earth Dreaming. Many thanks to Lucia McKelvey whose brainstorming and support mentored this work into the world.

I met Mayla Patricia Riley in the early 1980’s.  She explored the unknown, following the lines of intent beyond the realms of imagining.  Without her, this work may never have arisen out of the underlying matrix of probability.  I am forever grateful for our connection."

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