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Photo by Chip Marks

Check out Drs. Amy and Arny MindellProcess Oriented Psychology is an important contribution as an integrated psychological theory, we highly recommend this site as a resource.  Their exploration of sentient awareness has birthed this development of the Sentient Body. We thank Arny Mindell for his ideas behind the levels of reality chart.

Grady Gray, Ph. D., psychotherapist and Diplomat in Process Psychology has contributed to the development of the sentient body material since 1990.  His ideas fleshed out the levels of reality chart and were the backbone of our diagram.

The International Association of Process-oriented Psychology sponsored the introduction of the Sentient Body work to a broader community at the 2nd Annual Community and Global Health Conference in Portland Or in February of 2010.  We thank them for the audio files on our home page.

Nole Giulini has shared artwork from her book Lifeline for which we are grateful.  You can find her inspiring drawings at the bottom of each page and the book at her website.

The Process Work Institute of Portland provides ongoing training and degree programs in the study of  Process Oriented Psychology.

The Room to Move Studio has hosted Lisa Marks and her weekly explorations of the Sentient Body since it opened in 1997. They have an array of classes available with a variety of teachers.

Tender Paws Yoga Studio hosted the first Sentient Body workshop in Port Townsend, WA.  Nole Guilini and Gary Lemons have been enthusiastic supporters and are amazing teachers.  Check out their offerings.

Lisa Marks is a founding member of Yesango Marimba Ensemble. They have been playing and performing since 1995.  Explore the music and their story at this website.

Yoga Roots and Healing Arts in Petoskey is sponsoring the introduction of the Sentient Body to Michigan.  Tiffany Lenau, founder and instructor is interested in bringing a diverse selection of offerings.  Please explore what Yoga Roots brings to their community.

  AnnMarie McKelvey​ is a psychotherapist, Master Certified Coach, Buddhist Chaplain
​, ​
Founder and Director of The Mindfulness Coaching School
 She is known for her 12-Step wis
er home ​
dom, Jungian flavor, and Buddhist perspectives as well as being a gifted, intuitive
in the high desert country at the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo mountains outside of Santa Fe. ​AnnMarie lives and breathes George Eliot’s quote, “It’s never too late to be what you might have been.”
​ She is a great supporter of the Sentient Body work.

Special thanks to Chip Marks for his support, photographs, artistic design and website development.

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