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There is “another kind of revolution, one that does not emerge from the culture, from philosophy, from theory, from thought abstracted from sense, but instead from our bodies and from the land.” 
 Derrick Jensen
~ A Language Older than Words

Join us as we explore the Sentient Body.  The Sentient Body is our deep and subtle physical experience that includes internal sensations, vibrations, intuitions, and movement tendencies that usually unfold below the threshold of awareness. This is the experience of ourselves from the inside, our inner atmosphere.  We engage the Sentient Body through Sentient Awareness, a finely-tuned transpersonal state of awareness that picks up these slight physical experiences.  The Sentient Body connects with the essence field of wholeness, a dream-like energetic reality that underlies and permeates everything.

The Sentient Body is an invitation to step deeply into the experience of being, to inhabit our personal landscape of the body and, through the wisdom of these deep encounters, weave ourselves into the greater landscape of the Earth. We invite you to explore the world of sensation and subtle experiences; we invite you to step into the Sentient Body and from there explore and participate with the underlying essence level of being, the Dreaming that is our wholeness.   Imagine the Sentient Body as an expression of the Sentient Earth, inviting you to inhabit your experience deeply and join in creating our world, to participate in Earth Dreaming. Imagine you have been called to explore these realms, that you find yourself On the Path.

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"Every time you ignore sentient, that is generally unrecognized, dreamlike perceptions, something inside you goes into a mild form of shock because you have overlooked the spirit of life, your greatest potential power.”
   Arnold Mindell~”Dreaming While Awake

We feel  deeply honored by Lisa Marks and Lucia McKelvey’s wonderful, artistic and intelligent new website about the power of dreaming.” Arny and Amy Mindell, January 2010.

We would like to thank Drs. Arny and Amy Mindell for their support and inspiration.  Their work and incubation of creativity in service to the Earth is changing our world, inside and out.   http://www.aamindell.net

The “Sentient Body” is dedicated to the memory of Mayla Patricia Riley, with gratitude for the doors she opened for us all. 

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The 2nd IAPOP International Conference
February 25th 2010 Portland Oregon
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